Drum Pump - 369

Polyethylene Drum Pump

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Designed to provide safe and easy transfer of a wide range of liquids that are difficult to handle. Siphon liquids from higher to lower levels. Simply pump the bellows a few times to prime and start flow. Loosen air lock to stop.


  • Excellent for: Water, Alkaline and Acidic Chemicals, Diesel Fuel, Detergents and Light Oils.
  • Polyethylene and PVC Construction.
  • Drum Pump Fits 15, 30 and 55 Gallon Drums.
  • 2” Fine Thread Bung Opening.
  • Pumps 7gpm.
  • Siphon Without Spills or Splashes.
  • Length of siphon tube 34"
  • Length of fuel filler tube 45" (UNSTRETCHED)
  • 3/4" In Diameter