Hose Reel Bracket - 85.402.011

Hose Reel Mounting Bracket

Hose Reel Mounting Bracket for narrow frame pressure washers. Mounting Bracket Only. *Pressure washer NOT included. **Hose reel NOT included.

ORDER THE APPLICABLE BRACKET FOR THE KIT & WASHERS LISTED BELOW to ensure that the hose reel kit will mount to your pressure washer properly.

• Connects # 85.402.001K Hose reel kit to a BE Pressure Supply pressure washer

• This bracket works on BE models (Direct Drive): PE-2005HWCOMB, PE-2760HWCOMB, PE-2055HWCOMX, PE-2055HWCAT, PE-2055HWGEN, PE-2765HWCOMX, PE-2565HWCAT, PE-2565HWCEN, PE-2565HWCOM

• This bracket works on BE models (Cool Drive): CD-3513HWBSCAT, CD-4013HWBSCOMA, CD-3513HWBSGEN

• This bracket works on BE models (X-Stream): X-4013HWBCOMCD, X-3513HWBGENCD

• Color: Black
• Dimensions: 13.5” L x 18.0” W x 17.0” H
• Net Weight 17 lbs