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24ft Telescoping Wand - Fiberglass

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The 24ft Telescoping Extension Wand with Leverlock is ideal for cleaning second story walls, soffits, and many other hard to reach areas. New Leverlock design makes adjusting pole height fast and easy and helps prevent slippage during usage. Make your gutter cleaning jobs even easier with optional longwand accessories such as an M22 or QC Gutter Cleaner. Heavy Duty Fiberglass, Semi-Professional Use.


• Max. Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Max. Volume: 8.0 GPM
• Working Length: 6-1/2’ -24'
• Standard Fiberglass
• Internal Hose: 1/4”
• Max. Temp.: 140 (recommended for cold water use)
• Inlet: 3/8 QC Plug (Installed)
• Outlet: 1/4” Brass socket (accepts color coded nozzles)
• Weight: 11.0 lbs