Trough Solution #24 - Clean Quip

Trough Solution #24

Trough Solution # 24 Commercial Grade Gutter Cleaner

MINIMUM: 8 gpm @ 3000 psi

The Trough Solution was developed with only one task in mind. That was to clean a 24" wide x 1 1/2" deep road side water drainage trough ("Miami Gutter") in one pass of the surface cleaner. A regular surface cleaner is too far away to clean the center. A 19" cleaner works with two passes plus returning to where you left off. Then there is the wand.
The Trough Solution's dual 12" rotor arms spin faster than a 20" bar so you can move faster. The angled rotor arms match the contour of the trough. Only one pass is required by a single operator. With an assistant moving the rig & hose it is a continuous movement down the road. If you are doing Community Cleaning, it is a must-have piece of equipment...

  • Heavy Duty Welded High Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Stainless Steel Mosmatic Swivels and Rotor Arms
  • Stainless Steel Couplers and Fittings for Dependability
  • Low Glare Satin Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Convenient Fold Down Handle Assembly
  • Handle Assembly Easily Reverses for Left Hand Use
  • Front Welded Bar for Ease of Carrying and Enables the Trough Solution Deck and Handle Assembly to be secured from Theft.
  • 10 Inch Pneumatic ball bearing tires
  • 4000 PSI 212 degree F and 8 GPM Rated
  • Measures: 26+" L x 28" W x 37" H ( 12" Folded)
  • Complete Assembly Weighs Just 45 LBS
  • Does the Work of a 19" Cleaner making two passes instead of one.
  • Cleans in less time IT PAYS FOR ITSELF

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