Whisper Wash Classic 20" 5000psi 4-10gpm

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The Whisper Wash Classic 20" cleans flat surfaces quickly, easily, and evenly. Specially designed with the signature rotary system to operate with both hot & cold water pressure washers up to 212. Ergonomically designed to eliminates operator fatigue and increase safety. With the signature swivel and spray bar the Classic ensures efficient cleaning. Clean large flat surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, rooftops, or pool decks. This flat surface cleaner prevents zebra striping and increases your cleaning time by up to sixty percent over a regular nozzle.

Heavy Duty Composite, Industrial Use.


  • The Most Popular Surface Cleaner On The Market
  • 4000 PSI
  • 4 - 10 GPM
  • For use up to 212 Degrees F
  • For Use With 11 HP or Larger Gasoline Engines
  • Standard spray bar nozzle size: 2502
  • Cleans 20" At Once
  • Easy Transport & Storage
  • Portable Breakaway Handle
  • Quick Connection
  • Trigger Gun Controlled
  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
  • Hot or Cold Water Applications
  • Weighs only 19 lbs